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Somto Ihezue

Official Writing & Editorial Portfolio

Somto Ihezue is a Nigerian–Igbo editor, writer, and filmmaker. He is Original Fiction Manager at Escape Artists. He is an editor with Android Press and an associate editor with Apex Magazine, and Cast of Wonders.


He was awarded the 2021 African Youth Network Movement Fiction Prize. A BSFA and Nommo Award-nominee and finalist for the 2022 Afritondo Prize, his works have appeared and are forthcoming in Tor: Africa Risen Anthology, Fireside Magazine, Podcastle, Escape Pod, Strange Horizons, POETRY Magazine, Cossmass Infinities, Flash Fiction Online, Flame Tree Press, OnSpec Magazine, Omenana, Africa In Dialogue, The Year’s Best Anthology of African Speculative Fiction and others. 


He is an alumnus of the Milford SF Writers ’22, and Voodoonauts’22, and will be attending Clarion West’23. He is a member of SFWA (Science Fiction Writers Association), ASFS(African Science Fiction & Fantasy Society),  BSFA (British Science Fiction Association), and BFS (British Fantasy Society), and Codex.

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Published in Cossmass Infinities, April 2022. Reprinted in Flame Tree Press: First Peoples’ Anthology.


Like Stars Daring To Shine

Fireside Magazine, July 2022. Reprinted in Escape Pod.


The Carving of War

Tor, Africa Risen Anthology, November 2022


Where You Go

Published in Omenana Magazine, OnSpec Magazine, and The Year’s Best Anthology of African Speculative Fiction


A Girl Is Blood, Spirit, and Fire

Published in Rain Dance Anthology, Afritondo 2022. Reprinted in Podcastle.


All The Stones That Built Me



A Door, A Guide, An Anchor

Forthcoming in Frivolous Comma


Irokos and Mangoes

Published in Attis Arts


Of Porridge, Untethered Things, and Rabbits

Forthcoming in Flash Fiction Online 



Forthcoming in Strange Horizons

Coming soon

Forthcoming Editorial Projects

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Caged Ocean Dub (Android Press)


There are dragons in Lagos and witches who wear their sons’ skins, while a cabal of otherworldly beings are collecting intelligent life forms in the depths of the universe. Falowo’s poetically precise language and spine-tingling plot twists are reminiscent of both Poe and Kafka as they tackle themes of belonging, abusive maternal relationships, and tragic love in an unforgettable literary adventure.This collection features some of Falowo’s most notable previously published stories alongside new tales of magic and terror.


SolarPunk Magazine: Colourful Roots

Guest Editor 

An All-BIPOC Solarpunk Special with stories that center Black, Brown, and Indigenous cultures, histories, belief systems, philosophies, and perspectives, from authors who are writing from indigenous perspectives that are within their realm of experience and personal history.


Year Of Return


The Year of Return takes on a whole new meaning when large numbers of ghostsformerly enslaved Africans who drowned during the Middle Passageemerge from the Atlantic Ocean, leading to months of global pandemonium. 


In the midst of this, the characters face their own interpersonal conflicts around one another's beliefs and expressions of Blackness; conflicts that are deeply rooted in their separate cultures and experiences across different parts of the African diaspora.


Adwapa embarks on a dogged investigation of the supernatural phenomenon with her friends. This eventually leads her to England, where she unpleasantly uncovers a link between the returned ghosts and a series of apparent suicides.

Somto Ihezue

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